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Area Rug Cleaning

Like well-placed wall decor or fine paintings, area rugs contribute to the overall character and complete the furnishing of a well-decorated room. Unlike wall decor, however, area rugs usually receive a fair amount of traffic. Whether you own a treasured antique Persian heirloom or a contemporary designer masterpiece, we have the expertise to ensure your area rug is taken care of.

Luxury rugs deserve luxury care. Chem-Dry of Westchester provides area and oriental rug cleaning in Yonkers, NY.

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A Deeper Area Rug Cleaning
for a Healthier Home®

Similar to carpets and upholstered furniture, area rugs act as air filters for the home, trapping dirt and allergens and preventing those unhealthy elements from circulating to other rooms. But area rugs are only able to do this properly if they are maintained and kept clean. Just as an air filter for your home ventilation system needs to be regularly replaced, your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs need to be regularly cleaned. The professionals at Chem-Dry provide high quality area rug cleaning services, focusing on care and attention to detail, that restore the rugs to their original beauty while removing dirt and non-living allergens.

What Hiring an Expert Means to You


First, our expert carpet cleaners have the knowledge and experience to clean all types of rugs, from common area rugs to delicate Oriental rugs. They also use specialized tools and equipment to ensure that your rugs are cleaned safely and effectively.

No Dirt-Attracting Residue

Second, professional rug cleaners use cleaning products that leave behind no sticky, dirt-attracting residues, which means that your rugs will stay cleaner longer. This is especially important for homes with children and pets.


Third, Chem-Dry of Westchester professional rug cleaners can identify and spot treat any problem areas, such as pet stains or pet messes. Our Specialty Stain Removal will help to ensure that your rugs are as clean and fresh as possible.

Protect Your Investment

Finally, hiring a professional rug cleaner is simply the best way to protect your investment. A well-maintained rug will last for many years, so it is worth investing in professional cleaning to keep it looking its best.

How to prepare for a Chem-Dry oriental rug cleaning

Step 1: Remove clutter

Our Chem-Dry area rug cleaners will vacuum before the main cleaning process. Before our expert cleaners arrive, give your rug a space-clearing makeover. Shoes, toys, and other objects can hinder the cleaning process and pose tripping hazards. Take a few minutes to remove them and create a clean slate for your rug’s rejuvenation.

Step 2: Remove light furniture

Many people place their area rugs underneath coffee tables and other small pieces of furniture. While we navigate around furniture, consider relocating smaller pieces like coffee tables and floor lamps to a nearby room. This gives our technicians clear access to work their magic without the need for furniture moving.

Step 3: Note stains and other focus areas

Sometimes, a single stain or imperfection can steal the spotlight. Don’t worry! Point out any areas of special concern to your cleaner, and they’ll give those spots the extra TLC they deserve.

Step 4: Make preparations for your pets

A new visitor, especially one with unfamiliar equipment and scents, can be unsettling for pets. Consider having your furry friend stay with a loved one or in a separate room during the cleaning. This ensures your pet’s comfort and a smoother cleaning experience for everyone.

Step 5: Clear a path

It can be easy to forget that a technician needs to get himself and his equipment from his vehicle to your front door and from your front door to the rug. Make the technician’s access smooth by providing a clear pathway from their vehicle to your door and then to the rug. If they use van-based equipment, parking close to the entrance would be ideal.

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What People Are Saying

“Excellent Job!”

I had 2 area rugs, a couch & a chair with ottoman cleaned. They did an excellent job!

Kathy W.

“Completely restored a weather damaged rug”

Chem Dry completely restored a weather damaged a silk area rug which we thought was not possible. Also beautifully cleaned 2 carpets and a sectional couch. I highly recommend Chem Dry.

Chris P.

“Rugs looking like new”

The Chem-Dry team was fantastic. They left my two rugs looking like new!! The team was responsive to my call, and showed up promptly at the time we agreed. They were courteous, efficient, professional and kind! They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them!

Lorelei V.

“Got Deep Stains Out of Rugs”

They were fantastic!!! Kind, knowledgeable, and fantastic work. Got deep stains out of rugs.

Megan F.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

The cost of cleaning an area rug depends on the following factors:

  • Whether you clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned
  • The area in which you live, and the availability of cleaning services
  • The size of the rug
  • The extent of the dirt or damage

Do dry cleaners clean area rugs?

While some dry cleaners may clean an area rug, you are often better suited hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, as this is more in their purview.

How do you clean a rug without a steam cleaner?

To avoid the amount of soap and chemicals often involved with steam cleaning, Chem-Dry employs a process with millions of tiny bubbles, which work together to gently but efficiently remove dirt from the depths of the carpet. This natural method uses less water than traditional steam cleaning.

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