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Pet urine in carpets can be a major problem, requiring professional restoration work. However, Chem-Dry of Westchester‘s revolutionary P.U.R.T.® pet urine removal treatment can save even the most severely damaged carpets and area rugs. P.U.R.T.® is specially formulated to eliminate all urine odors, even on the most stubborn stains. It works by stopping the smell at its source, instead of simply masking it.

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pet urine removal and pet stain removal technique with UV light

Facts You Need to Know About Pet Urine in Your Carpet

When a pet urinates on the carpet, the urine can soak through the carpet fibers and contaminate the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below. Often, pets will urinate repeatedly in the same spot, even if you’re not aware of it. Pet urine odors can permeate the floor (whether it’s concrete or wood), the tack strips, and even the framework of the house behind the walls.

As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates, but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning won’t remove this odor. Until recently, there wasn’t a product available that was effective at removing urine odors.

When P.U.R.T.® comes into contact with the source of the odor, it immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the urine odor, solving your pet urine removal needs.

Tested and Proven Superior Results

An independent laboratory recently conducted multiple tests of our P.U.R.T. odor remover process to determine its effectiveness in treating pet urine odors and stains. In tests against the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine, this study found that P.U.R.T. removes an average of 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. This shows that our P.U.R.T. pet carpet cleaner is a far more effective treatment than store-bought alternatives, and our process far more effective than steam cleaning companies who often use soaps and solutions to temporarily mask the odor.

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How P.U.R.T. Works

Our proprietary P.U.R.T. process is unparalleled in the industry. It’s specifically formulated to break down molecules found deep in the carpet that are the source of the odors.

First, our trained pet carpet cleaner will do an inspection of your carpets with a special ultraviolet light. This light exposes any problem areas and odorous urine deposits that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Next, the carpet will be rinsed with our deep cleaning, patented Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process to remove any liquid or loose urine crystals.

Then, we apply our amazing odor removal product, P.U.R.T., to each stain. P.U.R.T. travels deep into the carpet pad and even the sub-floor reaching areas that typical cleaning products or processes cannot reach, leaving your carpets cleaner for longer.

Once applied, P.U.R.T. goes to work breaking down all of the odor-causing matter over the next 24 to 36 hours. When each treated area has dried, the odor is gone for good.

At Chem-Dry, our goal is to clean for your health and the health of your family. That’s what makes us the best carpet cleaner for pet urine, as well as a number of other services. We provide a healthier, longer-lasting clean for a happier home. P.U.R.T. and our other Healthy Home cleaning products are safe and non-toxic for you, your children, and your pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, or other household animals.

At Chem-Dry of Westchester, we clean for your health like no one else.

Call us today to schedule a FREE, no obligation, pet urine analysis.

Watch These Short Videos To Learn More About Our Cleaning Process:

What People Are Saying

“I would not use anyone else”

Elvin is a great guy and very professional! My elderly dog stained my brand new cream carpet and I called Elvin to see if it was possible to get a cleaning done quickly. And he did! Elvin gave me a next morning appointment, explained the process thoroughly and my rug looks amazing!!! I cannot thank him enough! I would not use anyone else. I would highly recommend!!!

Lisa L.

“Look like new & the pet odor is totally gone”

I had used another chem dry business in the past, however, none of them provided the quality of service that I received today from Elvin and his team. They identified issues, offered solutions and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. My carpets and furniture look like new and the pet odor is totally gone! I found a recommendation for this group on Nextdoor and am so glad I followed up. I will use them again and again!

Margaret P.

“Quick, efficient and they did a great job!”

“They cleaned a stair runner in my home that had plenty of stains from my two large dogs. Service was quick and efficient and they did a great job! Also, they were able to give advice on how to clean a chair cover that needed alternative cleaning methods.”

Aine C.

“Everything came out better than expected”

What an incredible experience! It’s been impossible to find a service that is able to guarantee getting cat urine out of furniture. We luckily came across Chem-Dry through our search to find someone. They were extremely informative, professional, and simply kind. Elvin and his son were efficient and quick. Due to the fact that they did an amazing job cleaning our couch, getting out all the stains and odors. We asked them to do a rug that gets a lot of wear and tear and a few other pieces of furniture. It’s amazing that they can do everything in home as well. Everything came out better than expected. We will definitely be using their service in the future! I highly recommend them for any upholstery or rug cleaning!

Jackie A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove pet urine odor from carpets?

Pet odors can linger for months if not treated properly. As urine dries in the carpet and padding, what’s left are millions of concentrated urine crystals that become even more pungent. Many companies just mask this odor. Chem-Dry uses a patented system, P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), to explode the urine crystals and break down the enzymes which gets rid of the pet urine odor forever.

Can carpet cleaning remove dog urine?

Yes, a thorough professional cleaning is the best way to remove dog and other pet urine stains from your carpets.

What is the difference between Chem-Dry and Steam Cleaning?

Traditional steam cleaning saturates your carpet with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents. So you’re left with wet carpets for 1-2 days, which creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Plus the soapy residue left behind attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster.

Chem-Dry’s process is different. We employ millions of microscopic bubbles to explode dirt from deep in your carpet fibers, which is why we only need to use a fraction of the water that typical steam cleaning uses. After the carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet.

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